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DaVinci Steam Stations

Price: $15 (Per Child, Guardians Free)
Length: 2 hrs
Requirements: Parent/Guardian must be present at all times. No walk-ins, Please Register online
Ages: 3-14yr (No more than 4 children under the age of 10 for every one adult.)

This is an interactive workshop for kids ages 3-14. DaVinci STEAM Stations focus on introducing kids to various tools and supplies to explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) projects in a hands-on environment. We provide a place for kids to tinker, create, and be challenged while having fun and learning. An instructor will be present to help engage, explore, and challenge students, but the creations and how they are made are open to student’s critical thinking and creativity. This is not a teacher guided class. Families must preregister for class, but once signed up can come and go during the workshop hours. DaVinci will set up between 4-6 STEAM Stations and at least one of the stations will include a take-home-project. Each Workshop will vary in activities and themes to introducing kids to new skills & projects. No two STEAM Stations will be exactly the same, so kids are guaranteed something new to explore each time the workshop is offered.


Hours of Operation

Monday Closed

Tuesday Closed

Wednesday Closed

Thursday 12pm-8pm

Friday 12pm-8pm

Saturday 12pm-8pm

Sunday 12pm-6pm

All dates and times are subject to change and we may opt to close early on slow days or for special events. Stay informed on closures through our calendar and Facebook page.

Upcoming Classes & Events

There are no up-coming events