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3D CAD II: Solidworks - Mentorship Program

Length: 4 hrs 
Prerequisites: 3D CAD I: SolidWorks
Ages 15yr+ or 5-14yr with registered guardian.

This course will focus on the use of Solidworks to create more complicated parts, assemblies, and drawings with a focus on a students mentorship program project. Students will learn more advanced modeling features and how to connect parts together into an assembly. The class will also provide a deeper look into 2D drawing features created by the more advanced parts created in the class.

HPR 1: Rocket Flight Simulation - Mentorship Program

Length: 2 hrs 
Ages 15yr+ or 5-14yr with registered guardian.

This class provides a look into the flight dynamics of high power amateur rockets with a focus on a given mentorship program goal. The students will review components of a rocket and how they relate to stable flight. The student will further investigate the variables required to achieve stable flight. Using RockSim flight simulation software the class will model and simulate a rocket's flight. The simulation software will be used to explore parameter space and the class will further discuss simulation results and how to interpret them.

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